Love in the Time of COVID-19

Rainbow in the window
A sign for children passing by
Hunting for hope
Wanting to cope
Fresh hearts meeting sadness
For the first time
Tender and young
They look up to us
With big eyes round
Brimming with questions
What is a germ?
What is a virus?
Will Covid go away?
Why can’t I play?
We stand taller
And square our shoulders
Hoping to transmit
Confidence we don’t feel.
We say, “It’s ok.”
We hear our own words
And want to believe
To trust in our Greater God.
Grasping a dimpled hand
Then the Secret Code:
Three squeezes for “I love you.”
Squeezing back four
“I love you, too.”
Love is enough.
For now.


2 thoughts on “Love in the Time of COVID-19

  1. Joy, I love the poem and will share with our daughters. It has been a challenging time for young families and my prayers are with all of them.
    Congratulations on your new grandchildren. What a joy and blessing!
    Margaret Deans

    • Thank you, Margaret! My daughter-in-law, Mary Beth Wierman, and I are working on a children’s book on COVID-19. It will be published on line. I will let you know when that is out–May sometime.

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