A Prayer After the 4th

A Prayer After the 4th

Oh God, Holy One.
Our nation has been seduced into
Thinking wrong is right
That wealth is might
That an unkind spirit wins
That justice belongs only to the rich.
We ignore the needs of the poor
By justifying our own selfishness,
Saying, “I have earned what I have,
Let them do the same”—
All the while disregarding the grace
That bring us to this place.
Turn our hearts away from pride.
Clothe us in humility and let us take stride
Behind the feet of our Master,
Imitating his Spirit and averting disaster
By being true children of Light
Who keep service in our sights.
Let us not be manipulated
But instead inundated
With the desire to see clearly
What you love so dearly:
Yes, Lord, Make America Great Again.
But this time in the ways that provoke a true Amen:
Great in service,
In Love,
In Righteousness
In Purity
In Compassion
In Inclusiveness
And in Kindness.
If our country truly is of Thee
And lives into its calling as a “Great Land of Liberty,”
Then let us sing,
Consciousness to bring,
That far we have strayed
From the way we were made.
So wave the flag proudly
For He is our Star
And by His stripes we are healed,
As we lift our hands to his glory
Our destiny will be fulfilled.

Joy Eastridge
July 2019