The Clouds Have a Ball

Clouds Have a Ball

Dancing alone in the cool morning,
Dressed up in cotton flounces,
Clouds show up for a ball
In the big Blue Sky.
Feigning disinterest
They flit around keeping company with the wind.
Warmed by the sun
Grey bullies
Big and tall
Make their entrance
And try
To push them around.
The air thickens with their contest.
The tall suitors
Puff up their chests
Flirting intensely.
Invisible forces of attraction
Pheromones of the sky
As the puffy damsels give way
And fall in with the bullies.
Sparks ignite.
They coalesce
The two become one
Giving birth to light.
Clapping with joy,
Booming their contentment
Loudly across the expanse.
The clouds pour out their grace
On the earth.
As it hungrily laps up
The rain.

Joy Eastridge
June 2015BVI 2007 165