Slack Line



For Tim’s birthday, our son, Sam, bought his brother a slack line. If you are younger than 40, you probably know what that is, but if not, then you need to know that it is like a portable tight rope which is approximately the width of a seat belt and when using it, you extend it between trees in the yard, not too far off the ground.


During the inaugural crossing of the line, the boys insisted that mom try it out, too. So, like the good adventurer that I am, I did. But I had insurance. On either side, I had a 6 foot plus young man to hold on to! It was so easy—I gracefully glided down that slack line, executed a perfect 180 and got all the way back without missing a beat. THEN, the boys suggested that I let go. Legs shaking, I took a couple of tentative steps before I found firm footing in the grass below.


Walking the way of the cross is like that. We do well to gather around us others of faith for support. Walking alone we are shaky at best and prone to fall. Jesus set the example of how important friends are as we journey along the path of life. So as we continue our journey of faith, let us cultivate and deepen those friendships.





Driving through hilly mountains

Hues of green fill my Spirit

with spring.

Cresting another hill

I avert my eyes—

Shame drops like a shroud.

A near distant hill stripped,

crisscrossed by cat-o-nine tails


left naked to fend off


Gentle giants,

Tree protectors

hauled off to be shredded

to pulp

for the paper that sits on

the seat beside me

and lays in the ditch by the road.

Tears fall

From heaven’s cloud

As bit by bit

Masterpiece re-builds


Joy Eastridge

(written near Pennington Gap, Virginia)

May, 2013

Ocean Unlimited

Isle of Palms

Isle of Palms

Ocean Unlimited

In a frenzy
She bites
Chunks of sand
Give way.
Falling into her open maul
Ever hungry
Never satisfied.
Persistently digging
Once firm foundation
Softened by her claws
Secure in her power to destroy
Her lines,
She recedes into
Deceivingly gentle laps on the same sand
She capriciously tore apart
Hours ago.
Down the beach
A wave curl’s distance
Houses peep smiling
Over their dunes.
Parked respectfully away
From the leviathan
That takes
What she wants.