Heaven’s Gate

I slipped off my sandals
Leaving my earthly self behind.
I walked to the other side
Stream of vividly clear crystal water
Flowed over rocks smooth as silk
Under my bare toes,
Weary with world’s weight.
As I stepped onto the mossy bank
He took my hand,
Helping with that last step
Into the beyond.
His grip was love itself
Tenderly he opened his palms
And there I saw, beside the nail marks,
My name, tenderly scrolled, etched there
By love.
We sat on a big Rock,
My Savior and I.
Our feet dangled into water
Alive with power to both cleanse and refresh.
We talked over the questions I had
Once so many
Now, simple and stark:
Where could I have loved more, better?
Gently he led me through
A review of what I had seen and done.
He showed me how,
In his love,
He took my wrong turns,
My disobedience
And remade them into
A pattern of redemption,
Quilted with the stitches of forgiveness.
He showed me beauty beyond imagining
Where love in my life
Paved the way
For his love
To come through.
In my newly opened mind a thought came:
This is judgement day!
And yet, I felt not judged
But cleansed and loved.
We stood up,
My Friend and I.
I took his hand and we moved on,
Deeper into eternity,
Greeting joyfully those already
Settled in.

Joy Eastridge, June 2016