The Biggest Step of All

The Biggest Step of All

I stepped out of darkness into
marvelous light
Drawn by the beckoning hand of the Master
His eyes of love.
The light was blinding, overwhelming
My eyes cast about
for a place
to stand.
I took a step toward religion—
It fit so well—
Sturdily wrapping my feet
In worn treads of tradition.
I practiced daily,
Walking around with others in the light
Believers who had been here longer than I.
Together we held hands
And learned to follow.
But then,
Over time,
My steps slowed…
And then ground to a halt.
Lined with certainty
My feet slid into the permafrost of
Rules & Regs.
No thought.
Just keep my head bowed to the light
Hear the Word,
Stay steady on course—
But Jesus beckoned beyond.
His eyes of love challenging me to
Much more.
He asked with a mischievous grin,
“Do you want to fly?”
Afraid to stay. Afraid to go. I vacillated.
I took one step toward him.
The biggest step of all.
We stepped off into the great beyond
Where nothing is certain
And everything is possible.

Joy Eastridge
New Year’s Resolution 2018


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