The storm raged
whipping salty sea
into eyes brimming with tears
of fear.
My tiny craft
filled from without and from within
sinking with the weight
of the unknown.
formerly patched
sprung open
and spilled out
liquid lostness
that oozed around me.
Puddles of doubt
Drowning my resolve.
I looked outward
And saw only
more storm ahead.
Gray horizons,
Strikes of terror slashing
through the darkness of night.
The wind filled my ears full.
It was hard to hear,
but then
His voice
Almost a whisper in the howl
came through
And took over a tip,
A toehold in the chaos.
A tiny territory
In a mind besieged.
Focus shifted
From the sea of troubles to
The Source.
The warmth and gentleness of that presence
Filled the boat and I looked around me.
Right there, in the boat
Was a rope
A coil of love
Attached firmly to the bow.
My eyes followed the rope
And as the tears cleared
I saw Him
On the shore—
Holding me firmly,
Fastened eternally
Tethered to love.

Joy Eastridge
April 2017


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