Warmth Wins

Warmth Wins

The assault is on,
Cold comes.
Trying to leak through
Crouching by the window and door,
Still as ice,
Ready to pounce
At the smallest crack
In the armor of warmth
That cocoons me.
Sitting by a fire,
A mug of hot tea
Clasped in chilled hands.
Body and soul guarded.
Doors barred
To alien forces
That would kill
If allowed.
Instead I smile,
Warmth bubbles up!
Well-spring of life
Energy generated out of a loving heart
Lifts me light.
As I open the door
Cold retreats, slinking away to hide,
Awaiting another chance.
Warmth leads the way,
Melting the ice.
It follows me,
A trailing cloak protecting
As I go,
Out the door and into my life.

December 2016


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