An Open Letter to Chrissy and her husband, Wesley…

Passing on faith, hope and love to our children is one of the supreme challenges and blessings of our lives. This Christmas we shared a few thoughts with our daughter and son-in-love as they begin the adventure of parenting.


Christmas 2015

Dear Chrissy and Wesley,

You have a lot of important jobs as parents: feeding Olivia, taking her to the doctor, making sure she is safe in her carseat, and keeping her away from outlets. But as the temporary guardians of this little human being, you have an even greater responsibility—the nurture of her soul and the privilege of introducing her to the God that you both love. This divine appointment surpasses all the other chores of raising a child and elevates the little things from the mundane to the eternal. Picking up her toys can become an opportunity for gratitude; giving her a bath a chance to baptize your little one in prayer; smiling with her a chance to see once again how great is the love of the Father for all of us.

So as the parents of our first grandchild, we pass on to you the Advent Tree that we used when the kids were small. Maybe it will become a tool for your family in focusing on what is really important during the Holy Day Season. And know that we join you eagerly in helping to nurture Olivia to be all that God has planned for her.

Much love,

Nana and Pops


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