Mountain Woman


Sam’s Gap

Mountain woman.
We see her from a distance
Road drawing near to her feet
A ribbon weaving beside
Her toes.
We follow rivers that
Rush beside her
Hurrying to get

Upward we see her arms
Outstretched in all
Flowing robe of velvet green
Draped casually over
Rocky shoulders.
Tendrils of luscious leaves
Make full the valley of her bosom.

Misty cloud lover
Sweeps by her bare neck,
Kissing gently.
She shivers
and the ripples tingle
Disturbing the flow
of rivers
Always in a rush
To where?

Whispy lover
Whispers one more sweet
And moves on
To caress the bosom of another
Mountain woman.

On the way to Lake Junaluska.


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